Event Details

Tour Agenda:

This Lean Factory Tour arranged by Dublin Lean Network and supported by Fingal Chamber Skillnet starts at 8.40am with a quick meet and greet with your hosts followed by joining us with all staff members at our Daily Morning Meeting. After the meeting the tour will then take you through our offices and factory showcasing Lean processes and principles at every step of the way. Our staff will walk you through their improvements from Ideas to Implementation. These improvements will showcase efficiencies gained and time saved through the Lean practices.

The Tour finishes at 12.00pm. Questions are welcome throughout the tour and there will be sufficient time at the end for additional questions also.

Tour Preparation:

To help you get the most out of the Tour and to get a better insight of what to expect, we recommend that all attendees take the time to watch the following short videos prior to the Tour:

Paul Akers – 2 second Lean

Ryan Tierney – "Value v Non-Value"

Please also see below a link to the full 2 Second Lean audio book which we highly recommend you listen to prior to your visit.

2 Second Lean book- by Paul Akers

Important Information:

Clothing: Please wear comfortable clothing. Low / Flat heeled shoes are preferable. PPE will be provided.

Items Required: Notebook, Pen & an open mind!

Photography & Videos: Take as many as you like, we know it can be a lot to take in and we want you to get the most from your experience.


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