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Become a Manual Handling Instructor and promote safe manual handling while contributing to a safer work environment and improved overall organisational well-being.

This 5-day QQI Level 6 Manual Handling Instruction course will equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to effectively design and deliver manual handling training in the workplace as a Manual Handling Instructor. Participants are trained in instructional skills techniques as well as the theoretical and practical aspects of manual handling. The course is accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Why the blended approach?

In consultation with our subject matter experts, we deliver the course 2-days on Zoom and 3-days in-person. Instructors must be able to practice what they preach so learners will be assessed in-person to ensure they can teach the course to the highest standard. Our Instructor will be able to show the learners the correct lifting techniques and involve them all in the process while attending in-person. The practical elements should be completed in-person so we offer a blended approach in the delivery of the QQI course.

Why complete a Manual Handling Instructor course?

  1. Expertise in Manual Handling Techniques: The course equips participants with in-depth knowledge of proper manual handling techniques. Participants learn how to assess and minimise the risks associated with manual handling tasks, ensuring the safety and well-being of themselves and their colleagues.
  2. Compliance with Legal Requirements: The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Applications) Regulations 2007, Chapter 4 of Part 2, outline the requirements that must be adhered to in relation to manual handling. By becoming a certified Manual Handling Instructor, individuals can demonstrate compliance with these legal requirements and ensure that their organisation adheres to health and safety regulations.
  3. Improved Workplace Safety: Manual handling injuries are common in various industries. By completing a Manual Handling Instructor course, individuals gain the skills and knowledge to identify potential hazards, assess risks, and implement appropriate control measures. They can then effectively train colleagues to perform manual handling tasks safely, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents in the workplace.
  4. Cost Reduction: Workplace injuries resulting from improper manual handling practices can lead to increased costs for organisations. These costs may include medical expenses, workers' compensation claims, productivity losses, and potential legal issues. By training employees correctly through a Manual Handling Instructor course, organisations can reduce the likelihood of such incidents and minimise associated costs.
  5. Empowering and Engaging Employees: Providing manual handling training can empower employees by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to perform their tasks safely and confidently. This leads to increased engagement, morale, and job satisfaction. As a Manual Handling Instructor, you can contribute to creating a positive and safety-focused work culture.
  6. Enhanced Training and Communication Skills: The course not only covers manual handling techniques but also emphasises effective teaching methodologies and communication skills. Manual Handling Instructors learn how to deliver engaging and informative training sessions, communicate clearly, and tailor the training to different learning styles. These skills can be valuable in various professional contexts.
  7. Career Advancement Opportunities: Becoming a certified Manual Handling Instructor can open up career advancement opportunities. Organisations across different industries value employees who possess expertise in health and safety training, as it contributes to maintaining a safe and compliant work environment. This certification can enhance your professional profile and potentially lead to roles related to health and safety training or consultancy.


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