Event Details

Online PowerPoint Training

Aims and Objectives

This course is designed to build on your basic knowledge of PowerPoint. On completion of this

course you will be able to navigate comfortably around PowerPoint and be more confident in your

skills to create a professional slide deck. You will learn how to tools such as the Slide Master, design

themes and work with animations and transitions to present and share your slides to an audience.


This course is designed to build on a basic knowledge of PowerPoint and is suitable for those who

can use PowerPoint for essential tasks but wish to increase their confidence level would like to learn

more and create professional slide decks.

Course Content

Topic 1: Slide Design

• Using the Design Tab

• Understanding themes

• Using the Designer (365 only)

• Custom Themes

Topic 2: Master Slides

• Understanding the Master Slide

• Using Master Layouts

• Headers & Footers

• Inserting Custom Layouts

Topic 3: Inserting Tables

• Table Layouts Insert a Table

• Edit and enter text

• Manage Rows and Columns

Topic 4: Slides with Charts

• Insert a slide with a Chart

• Manage Chart Data

• Edit in Excel

Topic 5: Inserting Smart art

• Insert Smart Art

• Use Smart Art Design

• Organisational Charts

• Format & Edit Smart Art

• Using Colour Themes

Topic 6: Working with Images & Shapes

• Add Stock Pictures/On-line images

• Copy and Paste Images/Shapes

• Use Picture Tools

• Arrange and Align Images & Shapes

Topic 7: PowerPoint Slide Show

• Apply animations and transitions

• Running a Slide Show

• Using the Animation Pane

• Action Buttons

Topic 8: Collaboration/ Presenting

• Re-use Slides

• Comments

• Presenting in Teams

• Sharing your Slide Deck


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