Event Details

This 2 half-day training is to help participants develop and improve their presentation skills.

Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd May 2024

Who is it for?

This training is for anyone who delivers presentations as part of their role.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the training the participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the core structure of effective presentations
  • Assess what type of opening is most appropriate
  • Craft a strong call-to-action
  • Illustrate their points with relevant slides
  • Recognise how to deliver with impact
  • Identify strategies to deal with nerves
  • Create a clear, concise presentation

Course content


  • Questionnaire to participants to establish learner goals
  • Design tailored content


  • Participants deliver short presentation & receive feedback (group)
  • How to ACE a presentation - Audience, Content, Engagement
  • Using PowerPoint effectively
  • How you look – posture, body language, dress
  • How you speak – pitch, tone, pace, vocal variety, language
  • Creating a connection with the audience
  • Effective delivery skills
  • Dealing with Q&A
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Participants deliver short presentation & receive feedback (group)


Discover and connect with other attendees.