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Many SME's just can't find the time to sit down, reflect, meet like-minded SME's and plan for growth together. Fingal Chamber Skillnet have been working with Action Coach to deliver this fully-funded one-day SME Planning and Goal setting workshop for our SME's. If this is you and you feel you are not moving your business forward fast enough, take this one day to put a plan in place to grow it with other like-minded SME's into the next quarter.

Step away for just one day and join our in-person workshop to complete a 90-day roadmap to growth, with the support of the ActionCOACH team.

Plan for growth at our GrowthCLUB Planning Day

Effective planning has the power to transform your business. It?s more than just putting words on paper, then ?filing? them in a drawer. It?s about seeing what you need to do to achieve your goals, thinking through all the consequences, anticipating bottlenecks to growth, and being accountable for making things happen.

GrowthCLUB is a quarterly workshop that makes business planning impactful and fun. You?ll get clear on what priorities to focus on to truly grow your business in the next quarter. You?ll get input on what your plan should look like and explore areas you might not have thought about.

By the end of the day, you?ll have a clear idea of where your business will be after 90 days. And you?ll have an achievable plan to get you there.

Why Come?

  • Bring renewed energy and vision to your next 90 days in business
  • Ask the ActionCOACH team for advice, tools and strategies to grow
  • Get the headspace you need to think strategically about your business direction
  • Discover sales and marketing ideas that will push your business further
  • Exchange ideas with other business leaders who are scaling up their companies
  • Come away with a renewed focus and solid 90-day plan to smash your business goals!


Planning sessions

  • Get clarity on your business direction and discover how to create goals that work. With help from the ActionCOACH team, over several planning hours you?ll reflect on where you want to be, build your goals for the next quarter, and create a detailed action plan to achieve them!

Sales and marketing ideas

  • Get practical tips and discover new strategies to boost your bottom line, as we zone in on 2-3 bonus topics to support your growth.

Peer support

  • Compare experiences and exchange ideas with your fellow business owners/leaders. We create a safe space in which to network with your peers and accelerate as a group.


Business Owners

  • At GrowthCLUB you will create a business growth strategy that enables you to create tactical plans with key goals and objectives for your business.

Senior Executives

  • As a senior manager, you will gain the perspective to recognise the change you need and awareness of the tools you require to achieve your goals.


  • By joining GrowthCLUB with your team in your business, you can ensure that the entire team is aligned with the business goals for the next 90-days.

Businesses of All Sizes

  • Your action plan will take control and get you organized, and you'll get the results you want faster with ActionCOACH?s proven systems and strategies seen on the day.


Is this planning day right for me?

  • A failure to plan is a plan to fail! If you get stuck working IN your business rather than ON it, this business planning workshop is perfect for you. In just one day, you?ll get the headspace, guidance, and advice to give your business direction and create an actionable 90-day plan towards it.


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