Urgent Notices [Infrequent] Receive timely updates and critical notifications relevant to your business, ensuring you stay informed and prepared for any urgent developments.
Training and Upskilling [Bi-Weekly] Access opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge through specialised training programs.
Profile and Promotion [Monthly] Showcase your business and increase visibility through strategic promotion opportunities.
Public Events [Quarterly] Stay informed about upcoming public events hosted or endorsed by Fingal Chamber, connecting you with valuable networking opportunities and community engagement.
Business Awards [Annually] Receive updates and insights on Fingal Chamber's prestigious Business Awards, recognising outstanding achievements and contributions within the local business community.
Golf Classic [Annually] Stay updated on Fingal Chamber's Golf Classic events, offering networking opportunities and competitive play in support of community initiatives and local businesses.
Community Fund [Annually] Receive updates and opportunities to contribute and benefit from Fingal Chamber's Community Fund, supporting local initiatives and fostering community development within the region.
Export Documentation [Infrequently] Stay updated on the latest requirements, regulations, and best practices for export documentation through Fingal Chamber's resources, ensuring smooth and compliant international trade transactions for businesses.